Kentico 10 MVC support

Since I joined Banjo I’ve been trying to get up to speed on Kentico as that’s our prefered CMS product. I’d previously been working with umbraco for the last 4 years which I’d become very comfortable with. When I found out about the developer workshops at the APAC Partner Day here in Sydney, I thought it would be a great way to gain some more knowledge on Kentico since I’ve only got a few months expirience under my belt.

I definitley picked up a few tips and tricks from the talks but the stand-out part to myself was hearing about their plans to expand support for the MVC in Kentico 10. This is music to my ears as I’ve been developing for Kentico exclusively in MVC so far and would like to keep it that way.

As a .net developer I started making the switch from WebForms to MVC in around 2010, umbraco made the switch to become completely MVC based by version 7 and I’d been using MVC for all other web projects so obviously when looking at Kentico for the first time earlier this year I didn’t want to go anywhere near WebForms.. For me WebForms is a decade of my carrer which I’m happy to bury in the past and never look back at, along with Flash and table based layouts.

Kentico MVC is still in it’s early days, they first added support in version 8 and took a whole new approach to MVC in version 9 and now they’re expanding on that heavily to expose more features in version 10 which is scheduled for November 28th 2016.

The K10 MVC support will include eCommerce and Online Marketing modules which are obviously very popular as well as adding in Responsive Image management to the CMS which is something that it desperately needs.

I’m really looking forward to Kentico 10, I’m hoping to get on the Beta program so that I can test it out asap.

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